Welcome to LifeWorks.

Do You Want to Work?

Do you have a barrier to employment?

A barrier could be some type of disability, either physical, emotional, mental health, or a learning challenge. Legal issues could also be a barrier.

LifeWorks can offer a variety of services to assist with removing or decreasing these barriers. Listed below are some of the services that may be available to you.

To Students:

LifeWorks can assist you in exploring the world of work in a variety of ways.

Assessments and experiences in real work settings can help expose you to the day to day tasks of a job to help you decide if you like it or not.

We can help you increase your skill levels to make it easier for you to get and keep a job.  We can help you find a job, and even provide a job coach to help you as you learn your job duties if you need one.  We can refer you to community resources such as the Division of Rehabilitation Services, child care providers, etc.

To Adults:

Have you been dislocated from the workforce? Do you have gaps in your emloyment history? Do you have a disability that interferes with your ability to work?

LifeWorks can help you find your skills that will help you get back to work. We can help you job search, improve your interviewing skills if they are rusty, connect you with resources in the community that might be able to help you.

For example: Child Care Providers; Division of Rehabilitation Services; Counseling and/or Addiction Services; Good News Mountaineer Garage

To Employers:

Areyou struggling to fill vacancies and find competent, reliable employees?

Contact LifeWorks with your workforce needs.  We may be able to refer candidates who have been trained in appropriate work skills and behaviors.  A support network is already in place.  These are folks who REALLY WANT TO WORK!


LifeWorks is a community rehabilitation program that works with clients of the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services.

We can help people with pre-employment skills, such as how to interview, how to develop good work habits and help you decide what kind of job you would like to have.  We can also help with independent living skills like paying your bills, finding housing, and job searching, to name a few.  We also can help you find a job, and provide a job coach to work with you while you learn your new job.  If you are not a client of WVDRS, we can refer you to see if you are eligible.

If you are an employer having trouble filling positions, consider giving LifeWorks a call.  We may have just the person you need.  The folks we work with will have been pre-screened for the appropriateness for the job, and may come with a support network to ensure success while on the job.   There could be tax breaks available as well to employers who hire our participants.

For more information, send us a message or call us at 304-645-2130 x311.


Building Wellness and Inclusion in the Community

October was Disability Awareness Month and the Greenbrier Valley Disability Awareness Committee held an event at the Gwen Clingman Center for Community Engagement on October 17. Over 25 people attended ”Building Wellness and Inclusion in the Community”. They had the opportunity to enjoy chair massages, guided meditation, and moving easy exercises provided by local therapists …

Summer Youth Program – Career Exploration Opportunities

Nine students from Greenbrier West, Greenbrier East, and James Monroe High Schools participated in a 4-day Summer Youth Program called Career Exploration Opportunities. It was held July 22-25, 2019 at the Gwen Clingman Center. The event was held by LifeWorks, a community rehabilitation program, and sponsored by the Division of Rehabilitation Services. Topics covered included …

LifeWorks Booth at Greenbrier County Job Fair

LifeWorks Staff had a booth at a Job Fair sponsored by the Greater Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce. The event was held March 13, 2019 at the Quality Inn in Lewisburg. LifeWorks staff shared information about the LifeWorks program, Open Doors, Inc. and Greenworks with the other employers and job seekers who attended. Several employment applications …


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