LifeWorks is a community rehabilitation program that works with clients of the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services.

We can help people with pre-employment skills, such as how to interview, how to develop good work habits and help you decide what kind of job you would like to have.  We can also help with independent living skills like paying your bills, finding housing, and job searching, to name a few.  We also can help you find a job, and provide a job coach to work with you while you learn your new job.  If you are not a client of WVDRS, we can refer you to see if you are eligible.

If you are an employer having trouble filling positions, consider giving LifeWorks a call.  We may have just the person you need.  The folks we work with will have been pre-screened for the appropriateness for the job, and may come with a support network to ensure success while on the job.   There could be tax breaks available as well to employers who hire our participants.

For more information, send us a message or call us at 304-645-2130 x311.